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About Floating Hardwood Floor – The floating hardwood floors come in different shapes, colors and textures. Although many people choose to replace the hardwood floor, there are advantages and disadvantages to each option. The durability of the installed type of hardwood and the use of the room where the new floor is placed, are factors that must be considered to determine if the hardwood floor is adequate.

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Floating Hardwood floor usually come in three types. The plank floor is in line with wider hardwood pieces, while the small panels are narrower lines. The parquet is sold in square to the floor has a geometric pattern.

The advantages of floating hardwood floor are easy to install and is fast compared to other types of flooring. So, basically you just have to assemble the boards. Clean the floating floor is easy, you can wash them with a wet cloth without much effort on your part.

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And disadvantages of floating hardwood floor are Depending on the size and thickness of the planks, these floors do not drown footsteps but instead, the steps seem to resonate when walking. Hardwood floors increase noise and drafts in the house. This can be removed with the use of carpets in the hallways.

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