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Acacia Laminate Flooring – People know us probably best for laminate and sheets of all kinds. Most goes to the industry, and a smaller part goes for resale from timber merchants, DIY stores and the like. It is the typical merchandise; we are taking to TUN Build 2019. For goods that construction products industry sell on to its customers. Therefore, we present a completely new flooring collection from our Swiss supplier Kronoswiss. It contains among other things a brand new embossing both lengthwise and crosswise, so the floors will be less slippery to walk on.

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It is indeed a revolutionary innovation. Acacia laminate flooring already has had a reputation for being slippery to walk on. It has Kronoswiss done something about, while the company also announced a range of new and fashionable versions, says Jan Sense. Riis Fort got himself a great and valuable diploma last year. The company achieved FSC certification, and as a natural consequence, a large part of the program in Solid Wooden now based on sustainable forest management.

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No one in the industry can today live only to supply FSC certified wood. But we take part in it to the extent possible. This means that the floors from Kronoswiss and our Creak Wood countertops in oak, beech, ash, maple, and acacia laminate flooring and European walnut is available as FSC certified, explains Jan Sense.

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