Accessories Organizing Rustic Square Coffee Table

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While coffee tables are one of the most common types of furniture found in a typical home can be one of the highest in terms of decor. Center square tables are popular because they fit well with pieces of furniture and providing a symmetrical anchor for the room. Tables can serve as a place to put books, magazines, drinks and snacks, but also tend to be messy. Keep accessories to the center of the table to put the first function and convenience. A rustic square coffee table serves a functional purpose, and if the decor of your interferes with that purpose, which will soon grow tired of it. Leave enough space around the edges of the square to adjust down coasters, glasses, cups and small plates if you are entertaining guests.

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Use -numbered odd groupings. Groups of three to five years are more attractive to the eye and offer a contrast to a rustic square coffee table with four sides even. When choosing any accessories such as candles, baskets, cans, containers or vases, consider placing it in multiples. Vary heights to break the symmetrical square appearance. Create visual interest by combining different heights, shapes and textures. Try placing something decorative on a stack of leather-bound books or under a bell jar.

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Combine a low tray with a tall vase, or put your favorite accessory on a pedestal cake stand. May not fill the table. Less is more when it comes to accessories for a rustic square coffee table. There are too many things that just make it look messy, so stick to just a few pieces that coordinate in some way by color, style or theme.

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