Antique Of Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

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Reclaimed wood coffee tables – The coffee tables are an indispensable element in any room or living room, whatever you want to call that meeting space and relationship. How many things have not told around a coffee table! Well let this emotional mess and go to what interests us, the decor. We have put together what we consider a very good selection of coffee tables made from recycled or reused old wooden objects as coffee tables materials.

Reclaimed wood coffee tables are the current trend in which all they have a used, old industrial aspect occur in any environment. We show then how to make a coffee table from reclaimed timbers, unlike other examples we’ve seen around this table is very elegant and has a lighter side, perhaps by the type of legs used to make thinner

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You can make any reclaimed wood coffee tables with leverage an old wooden table, any size as can trim your legs; a wooden box with all his traveling and institutionalized taste or pallet with wheels. There are many ways you can do to customize a table, we can leave without trying to show the charm and the special color wood acquires with the passage of time or decorate at will. We can also build, with reclaimed wood, following its own design.

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