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An old red velvet sectional sofa is an original center, striking for a bold room. From a red velvet sofa is so bold, design the rest of your room around the sofa instead of putting it in a room with other dramas. Too much color and texture can dominate a room, so think “minimum” when decorating with red velvet sofa. Not all reds are the same, so keep an eye on his shadow when choosing your sofa accents. Have the couch in front of a dark wall or cream. Busily patterned wallpaper will be too with the old couch. Keep it simple.

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Look for cut-glass lamps and vases to catch the color of the sofa when the room is lit Fill the vases with calla lilies, white roses or roses or other flowers of pale colors. Hang an abstract painting with a touch of red in it. Try to match the color of your old sofa; will help pull the room together. Put it on the wall directly behind the velvet sectional sofa.

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Hang Roman shades of black or cream on the windows and framing pictures and mirrors all black or cream. Working against the shadow on the walls of choosing accent colors. The old of velvet sectional sofa with wooden tables that match the color of the wood in the old couch. Top with vases or lamps that you selected.

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