Applying Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Colors

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Rustoleum cabinet transformations colors – Turn old kitchen cabinets drab to dramatic using the kit rustoleum cabinet transformations which available in 35 different colors. The kit comes with a deglosser designed to clean your cabinets and remove anything that might prevent paint from sticking an adhesive layer dyeing, an optional enamel add drama their doors, and hard layer of clear finish to give his finish durability to handle the day to day cooking.

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Instructions to apply rustoleum cabinet transformations colors: remove the cabinet doors. Remove all hardware cabinets and fill the screw holes with wood putty. Scrub both sides of the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and face frames with deglosser included and mop. Deglosser Allow drying for at least an hour.

Brush a layer of adhesion layer in the doors, drawers and frames with long, even strokes of the brush on an angle 2 1/2-inch. Let it dry. Apply a second coat of the bonding layer over the first. Let it dry. Paint with the optional enamel paint. Wipe excess glaze immediately after application. Let your polish to dry.

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Brush the top transparent layer over your cabinets. Finally, to apply rustoleum cabinet transformations colors, hang your doors again in closets. Reconnect any older hardware or add new knobs.

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