Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

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Asbestos ceiling tiles has been widely used for the making of tiles previously because of its varied and useful properties. Asbestos is heat, fire and chemically resistant and very durable. And so the asbestos tiles are also durable, strong and wear-resistant, heat and acids and bases. Despite all the advantages, asbestos are no longer used today revealed that it contains asbestos carcinogenic elements. Asbestos is illegal in some places to avoid health risks. Let us know about asbestos ceiling tiles in detail.

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You must have heard that living in a house with asbestos ceiling does not mean that you can always run a high risk of exposure to harmful substances. The asbestos fibers are embedded in the ceiling tiles and therefore there is not a constant risk. You should also know that asbestos in the ceiling tile is not as harmful as other materials. The danger only if the tiles are broken or damaged condition.

Although Asbestos ceiling tiles fibers are firmly embedded in the tiles, they become brittle after a few years. If the tiles are removed during the renovation, to carry asbestos particles in the air and pollute. When this air is breathed by humans, they face health problems. Asbestos exposure can lead to cancer.

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