About New Asbestos Floor Tiles

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Asbestos floor tiles – When you remove and replace the vinyl floor tiles, you must first do a little research. If your tiles or glue used to glue them down took place before 1972, does the most likely asbestos. Get a professional asbestos abatement contractor to remove the tiles. Do not remove them. Removing vinyl tiles or glue containing asbestos releases dangerous particles in the air. It is illegal to remove them.

About new asbestos floor tiles, select the most unobstructed wall of the room, and measure and mark the center of the wall. Peel off the first tile. There are usually the arrows on the back. The first tile should be laid down with the arrows pointing toward the center of the room. Pleats corner of the first tile on the brand center. Lay the first course of tiles in both directions from the center. Alternate the direction of the arrows on the back of the tile 90 degrees on each tile load.

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Start your second course by putting what we would call a “cornerstone” asbestos floor tiles on top of one of the rough end tiles. Line it up perfectly, peel off the backing and press the tile into place. Sell next course diagonally, one tile horizontally along the base and a vertically against the opposite wall. Line up the tiles thoroughly with the edges of the keystone tile.

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