Barrel End Table Ideas

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Wood is a great way to add a strong and interesting appearance number of scenarios barrel end table decor. Used wine barrels, which have distinctive patterns of wood grain, can be used to make unique tables. You can use wine barrels for tables of all sizes, from small table’s picnic tables or larger dining. Because wine barrels are made from oak or other wood quality, offering richly colored and textured grain that will add character to your table. Barrels of wine are also an environmentally friendly option for furniture projects do-it-yourself.

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Sand the surface of the barrel end table with sandpaper and apply a coat of wood lacquer for a shiny finish. Find a round or rectangular flat piece of wood that is 2 or 3 larger in diameter than the barrel feet. This piece of wood will serve as the top surface of the table that will rest on top of one end of the barrel.

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Set the barrel end table by sanding and staining lacquer. Allow the lacquer or paint in both tabletop and barrel dry. Place the tabletop on top of the barrel. Make sure it is centered. Hammer nails on the table and in the barrel. Use at least eight spikes evenly spaced around the barrel diameter.

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