Beautiful Acacia Wood Flooring With Dining Tables

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Acacia wood flooring – This huge inspiration article takes you on a trip around the 12 dining tables, as we have hand-picked because of the unique design, materials, or a combination of both. See the 12 irresistible dining tables below, so you can start planning your new acacia wood floor dining room: The names of this raw dining table say it all. Raw planks of wood holding surface while a steel frame causing it to be stable.

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Raw dining table is part of a series that also includes benches to match the table with acacia wood flooring. It measures 200 centimeters and a width of 90 centimeters, so there is plenty of room for the whole family on the table. The steel frame also runs along the edge of the table and serves as protection for the tree. One advantage of choosing a dining table with top in solid wood is that you can grind the wood and treat it afterwards. Thus the table is durable and versatile.

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We are in the rough a little longer. Apex dining table from Portuguese Theme Home has a cool concrete look that enough to impress your guests. It was designed by Delia Vicente, and the idea is to combine the clean lines with a raw look, creating an exciting game between several styles with acacia wood flooring.

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