Beautify Reclaimed Wood Dresser

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Reclaimed wood dresser – Probably the piece is full of risks and varnish do not even exist anymore, right? Do not worry. Check out our tips and beautify reclaimed wood dresser: ┬áThe first step to reclaimed wood dresser is to retrieve the surface of the furniture. Use fine sandpaper to risks and varnish (if it exists) are removed completely. Do not be lazy to sanding. Make it smooth and even. When finished, wipe it with a damp cloth. Then, check for signs of termites. If so, do not despair. With a syringe, you must apply with a liquid anti termite abundance in those holes caused by insects. Then leave the reclaimed wood dresser in the sun for 12 hours.

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Apply a wood sealer, so you spend less ink. Use a roll and paint with a paint water based on the color you want. Try to vary: paint the top and drawers, if any, with a different color. Give three coats of paint. Finish giving two coats of water-based. Ready! Now we have a new reclaimed wood dresser. I think this steps is easy. Are you think so?

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You can also use the contact paper application of the technique to make reclaimed wood dresser details.

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