Best Nailhead Trim Sofa

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Nailhead trim sofa – He wears a brown leather couch by the use of colors and textures to make it more of a design statement in your living room, living room or office. Use the traditional advice to have other pieces of brown leather sitting in space, as an ottoman or chair easy to create a cohesive design style interiors. Modify the couch and consider the area directly around it, so it fit any decorating theme.

Add nailhead trim to the arms or back of the sofa. Nailhead trim sofa comes in many colors, including gold, silver and brown, many styles, from single heads of nails and spaced strips and is applied with a hammer. Place pillows in complementary colors of leather and suede with arms wearing brown leather couch if you want contrast, as in a contemporary space. Fresh shades of blue and teal are opposite on the color wheel of warm browns.

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Nailhead trim sofa, place pillows analogous colors that are next to brown tones shadows on the color wheel, if you want a warmer touch to the room. Orange and red create a cozy atmosphere, as in the traditional interior designs. Buy pillows in the same brown leather sofa or in slightly different shades for a monochromatic look. These can also be placed in between other pillows and an orange and teal one as a buffer if you want both warm and cool tones in the room.

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