Best Types Of Sofas

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Types of sofas – The sofa is one of the most important furniture of the room. When choosing it must be borne in mind that it should be comfortable and durable, but must also be in accordance with the decoration, style, shape and size of the room. L sofas and large in square rooms a good option is to place an L-shaped sofa, or two perpendicular sofas pretending that. In this case it is best that one of the sofas have a more square than the other, depending on the space (3 seats + 2 seats, for example). This type of sofa is very suitable for families of many members.

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Rinconeros types of sofas serve to make the most of the small rooms. They offer multiple seats without losing space, since it is perfectly suited to exploiting the corner angle formed by the walls. They are also very suitable for large families. Chaise Longue is a chaise longue, as its name suggests. It is a couch with an extension to support the legs and keep them fully extended. It can be individual or complement a sofa as booster. It is a good option for narrow rectangular rooms. Usually they follow a aesthetic modern.

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Chester and Chesterfield types of sofas are classic English sofa, curved arms, low back and upholstered tufted. He was born in the nineteenth century to decorate London’s exclusive social clubs and became a symbol of luxury and prestige. Today they are very common in decorations of classic and retro style.

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