Best Wood Paneling Ideas

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Wood paneling ideas – Wainscoting adds depth and appeal to any wall in any room. Whether you want to cover an ugly wall or add an architectural element to spice things up, wood paneling is an inexpensive project to tackle. There are several methods and designs, but you can play with them to create their own to work with the available space in your home. Once installed, paint the paneling to complement the existing decor of your home or choose a standard color, as bright white.

Slats purchase individually or together as packages to form paneling. Place strips side by side for a linear effect. Another method is to buy cheap MDF wood paneling ideas marks recorded on them. Vertical slats, boxes and other architectural features are some of the options available. Add a chair rail to the top paired with an elegant molding, and transform a boring hallway. To get an idea of ​​what your finished project will look like, make a mini model at the hardware store with each of their chosen pieces.

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The focus of board and batten wood siding that allows some space freedoms. Height, width and number of panels created are all up to you. Plays with the symmetry of a wall of the dining room by placing plates two-thirds of the way up the wall of the property, and symmetrically vary the width between them. Paint the boards in a contrasting color, and hang art or mirrors boards. For example, a cherry-red dining room with white wood paneling ideas makes a dramatic statement. Or, try different shades of a color for the walls, boards and room decor.

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