Blue Bean Bag Chair

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Blue bean bag chair provide casual and comfortable seating. Children and teenagers especially love to sit on them for reading, watching television or playing video games. They are costly in a store or online, but it is easy to create your favorite fabric. Make the design bean bag chair requires just a few actions and large pieces of paper. Once the layout is complete, set the bean bag chair together.

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Wallpaper for blue bean bag chair, Fold a huge sheet of newspaper in half. Place the tape measure on the mark. Quantify 30 cm (12 inches) from the point. Throw away the smaller the circle and use the biggest part pattern piece. You will cut two pieces of fabric with this pattern bit so you can sew a zipper along the two straight edges. This will enable the material of.

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Top Companion for blue bean bag chair, Fold a huge sheet of newspaper in half. Put a check mark in the center of the lid. Set the end of the tape on the mark. Measure 13.75 cm (5 1/2 inches) mark on the top, and draw an arc from the fold markers. Cut the pattern out and then unfold the paper. It should be a excellent circle.

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