Bonded Leather Sofa And Peeling

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Bonded leather sofa –  An environmentally friendly way to make use of recycled leather, leather products bonded are made of leather scraps that would otherwise be discarded. Leather pieces together to form the basis of the material, which is connected with a strong adhesive to a fabric backing. The polyurethane coating seals the surface of the skin and is given a textured finish to look like leather.

The value of regenerated skin is not only reflected in its cost, but the durability of leather product itself. It is a product of short duration that can not withstand the wear durable genuine leather can, especially as a very used furniture. Bonded leather sofa is not “giving” and stretching thin skin, due to the support of non-elastic fabric and adhesive glue. Once stretched to the maximum, the leather and polyurethane begin to peel the support.

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Texture is added to the repair compound to match the original leather bondage able to impress one of the paper texture template provided in the compound applied. Some teams apply the texture of paper with a mini iron, while others do without heat. To complete the repair, the compound may need a light sanding with very fine paper grain sandpaper to level imperfections before polishing the entire surface with a leather conditioner. With a successful application, the repaired area blends perfectly with the rest of the bonded leather sofa.

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