Brazilian Cherry Laminate Flooring

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Brazilian Cherry Laminate Flooring – Brazilian cherry laminate flooring commonly called the Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril) laminate flooring in South America. Brazilian cherry is also commonly called the American cherry but it’s not cherry wood; it is Jatoba are generally grown in South America and Central America.

Brazil cherry laminate flooring is a classic design that is popular for residents of South America. Brazil cherry wood is very popular for laminate flooring homes because of its resistance to weather and insects. Brazilian cherry wood is one of the toughest adjustments for flooring and wooden houses. It can still be damaged by spike heels, furniture scratches and spills, but much more durable than teak or oak, and the color has changed dramatically. A carpet in sunny areas to protect the wood from exposure and it could end up with irregular patches of color on the floor.

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Maintenance and cleaning of Brazilian cherry laminate flooring is no different than doing so for any timber. Professor Flats recommended sweeping, dust mop or vacuum timber every day. Loosen the natural flow of waste taken from wheat. A wood based citrus cleaner suitable for daily maintenance. For thorough cleaning, many installers carrying mop and polish a special cleaning kit.

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