Build A Butcher Block Table Tops

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Butcher block table tops – are both handsome and practical. In fact, a table well done can last for years and become a part of the heritage of the furniture to be passed from generation to generation. Although you can buy tabletops prefabricated block butcher in home stores, which are easy to make and do not require specialized tools. Choose your wood carefully; you’ll be looking at it for a long time. Maple is the best, but beautiful tables can also be made ​​of walnut, ash or beech. Oak looks good, however, the pores are relatively large and food particles may be trapped in them doing desktop difficult to clean.

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Use of dimensional lumber is the easiest way to build your tabletop and can determine how long and wide you want butcher block table tops to be. Note that 1 inch by 2 inch dimensional lumber is actually ¾ inch by 1 ½ inches. For more robust table you want to paste the sides 2 inches of wood together. Before you start gluing, check out the tables to see if there are small gaps between boards. If there are gaps, sand the joints so the parts fit perfectly.

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Apply glue in an undulating pattern, then evenly spread around the sides of the table with tongue depressor. Align and fasten together tightly. Let they settled following the recommendations of the glue bottle. Working butcher block table tops in sections of about ¼ to 1/3 of the table surface. After all sections have been mounted, you can glue and assemble the sections, then clip together with clamps to obtain the required width.

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