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the leather sofa can wear over to a variety of circumstances, including age and the weather, especially when  camel leather sofa furniture is left outside of the house. there are easy ways to restore color in a leather sofa and turn it back to its original state. it does not cost much overhaul and repair a leather sofa, whether old, antique or just old.

rub the leather cleaner on the couch. place a small amount in the center of a soft, white cloth and rub the cleanser in a circular motion, moving the fabric over the entire sofa. turn the fabric to the camel leather sofa clean side, once the first layer of surface dirt has apply leather conditioner with a second clean cloth by following the above steps. leather conditioner to achieve the rich color out once the sofa is clean. let the conditioner acts on the couch for two hours, and then wipe it with a clean cloth. be sure to put conditioner between the couch cushions.

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use the dye color leather repair kit following the instructions. use a kit for dyeing aniline leather sofas those facts aniline finish. use the colored leather dye based on water that is included in the kit. order your kit online to get the exact color.use a stain remover for leather in order to fix the color. large ink stains can damage and interfere with the color of leather. camel leather sofa apply a small amount of stain remover to a clean, dry cloth. clean stains with a gentle circular motion. do not rub on the surface of the stain. let the remover to penetrate the skin for a few minutes for it to dissolve, then rub gently. repeat this step to remove stains. use a leather cleaner after cleaning and then use the conditioner.

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