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Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – Your kitchen cabinet paint color affects the atmosphere of the room and also influence your comfort and that of others to work or socialize it. Though your kitchen cabinet color scheme should be consistent with the rest of your home, the color should be quiet and stimulating, relaxing and inspiring. Red is a warm, almost hot color that is used if there is only a minimal wall space. Much red may cause feelings of anxiety, since the color in large doses tends to overstimulate the senses. The oranges and yellows are also considered warm colors, and are less intense than a pure red. Warm colors work well with traditional design and, in particular, kitchens rustic or Tuscan style.

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For a more contemporary or modern design chalk paint kitchen cabinets, use brighter tones of warm colors that combine with the elegant appeal of the kitchen. Blues and Greens that are found in nature, give you a feeling of relaxation to the kitchen space. These cool colors are cool and work well with both a modern and a traditional. However, the dark tones of blue and green will need more contrast to prevent a feeling of lethargy.

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Use splashes of red in accessories chalk paint kitchen cabinets to offset the Greens more dark, and used bright white to counter the darker tones of blue. Neutral colors in a kitchen does not mean safe or boring. Paint the walls with Brown sand, slate grey or antique white allow versatility in the game of colors with art and accessories. A bright red in a countertop ceramic tea set stands to be against walls painted with little color.

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