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Asbestos Tile – Is your bathroom built before 1982, there is a risk of the presence of asbestos mainly in glue, adhesive, grout, pipe sealant or insulation. It can hardly have escaped anyone that asbestos is harmful, but too many do not leave the samples for asbestos analysis for the bathroom renovation.

Is the bathroom was built before 1982, when the use of asbestos tile was banned, so basically requires that samples sent for analysis to the analyst. It is common fallacy that only an asbestos test in a more residential property with negative results can exclude asbestos throughout the property.

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Asbestos tile was used as an additive in the preparation of adhesive and grout where some, but not all artisans mixed asbestos in retrospect as it gave better product characteristics. In a property can thus nine bathrooms to be free of asbestos, while the tenth containing asbestos, explains Matthias Eriksson on refurbishing company Removers. In other words, your bathroom built before 1982.

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In connection with the demolition released, however asbestos tile fibers in the dust, which then spread throughout the home. Asbestos fibers are too small to be picked up by the vacuum cleaner filters, so it is thrown around in the dwelling at each cleaning. It is thus not only the artisans tearing the bathroom exposed to asbestos, but also those who live and reside in the dwelling.

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