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Not everyone is a fan of cherry wood type finishes; however, if the furniture is good, you’re likely to want to keep it. Change the look of cherry color to black requires some work before applying the paint, but   cherry nightstand the end result will be a piece of furniture that you can admire for many years. If you find a wardrobe in a garage sale, you can change its appearance and make it yours. Remove the finish is the first step before changing the color of the furniture to white.

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For best results, the paint needs a rough surface to adhere to. Cherry dressing with a hard finish need to be sanded to remove surface layer. It establishes a working area out of the way and put a cloth on the floor. Remove drawers and fittings and set aside. Rub the surface with sandpaper 180 grit  cherry nightstand are good for large, flat surfaces because they are easier to take and can apply pressure more evenly. For small sites, which require sanding curves or indentations, you can use a folded cloth around your finger. Clean all dust and verifies that you have not left any point without sanding.

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Wood filler Wood filler added anywhere where there is a gap or use the product around joints. Use only the amount of padding needed to cover the problematic area. Sandpaper with 320 grit, rub the surface to soften once the product has dried. Swipe your finger over cherry nightstand the surface to ensure that the area is soft; any imperfections are much notice once the dressing is painted. Spend a layer of primer to ensure a good base for paint. Brush the initiator in the direction of the wood grain. Distribute the product evenly, especially where the layers overlap.

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