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Cork laminate flooring – Forget the memory of pink flames in the 80th century halls and kitchens. And calling it never vinyl flooring. Vinyl is namely the grandiose comeback – recast and reworked to perfection.

Get flooring is easier to install, durable and more variable. The surface is now easier to clean. The back can be fabric or foam, which makes them sound dampening and a soft dream for bare feet. To mix in cork laminate flooring is another clever prank of vinyl flooring manufacturers. Cork is an environmentally friendly natural material, in addition, comfortable to walk on and strong.

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Now there LVT, where manufacturers have incorporated several features. There is clickable and does not need to be glued, while you can get several functions by mixing in other materials in the floor. Cork laminate flooring is one of them, which is both soft and insulating. Max Wear by Hans Grohe is one of the new clicks floors with LVT surface. The advantage of LVT is that it’s even higher quality. In Mixers case is surface hardened and really resistant to wear and scratches. The downside is skimmed paperboard and the floor becomes softer and subdued. The flooring is manufactured in the Swedish Understory and is available in three designs. It was launched in the fall and the demand has been great, so this summer will more variants.

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