Classic Design Of Tulip Chairs

Posted on Living Room & Decor

The tulip chairs boast a retro futuristic design, that is, the vision of what the future designs in the 50 and 60. This view permeated deeply at the time, as evidenced by the appearance of the Tulip chair in the television classic Star Trek. Many of the chairs of the USS Enterprise were Tulip chairs, and even after the cancellation of the series the vast majority ended up in the trash, for those who survived have come to pay up to $ 18,000 .

As a good classic, the tulip range has found a place in our daily lives, whether in households seeking a striking edgy element or offices to last. Their fluid forms and dynamic speakers, with or without arms, the tulip chairs are an example of comfort. Each has a comfortable cushion in contrast to the structure of the chair.

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And if we want to loop the loop, nothing like combining a set of tulip chairs with a Tulip table. You’ll find two models: the classic table Tulip with glass table in two colors and the version of table Tulip with marble table , which adds to its futuristic essence a classic material that can give much play in the living room, kitchen or even on the terrace. Do you dare to play with this classic retro-futuristic design?