Cleaning Butcher Block Kitchen Island

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Apply some mineral oil. This step is to employ some of its non-toxic mineral oil  Wash again. After applying either peppermint, lemon juice, or mineral oil, you will want to wash repeatedly. Make certain that if you do so you follow exactly the same procedure you used initially. You need to be certain you remove any and all traces of liquid cleaning and maintenance so that it will not negatively affect the food is prepared on it.

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Wash thoroughly. The first step in cleaning the butcher block kitchen island will be to earn a basic wash. To do this, you can readily use some normal water and liquid soap dishes regularly or detergent.  Apply just a small bleach. Once you’ve thoroughly washed and dried butcher block you will need to start to kill any bacteria that may remain.  Use a little lemon juice. For particularly nasty stains, only pour a little lemon juice over the face area, and allow to penetrate there for a while. This in effect function as a bit of bleach, and help remove the stain. Simply wash off the lemon juice outside in exactly the same manner as above.

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