Color White Lacquer Dining Table

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White lacquer dining table – Finish creating a glossy coating of hard lacquer on the wooden table, highlight the look of wood at the time that protects the surface of the wood over the years. Complete can not last forever though. At that time it takes fine, appears dull and boring while allowing water to seep through, staining the surface of your desk. A table finishing can replace the protective cover, return the shiny appearance of the table at the same time to give the appearance of a new table to close your.

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Place a sheet of dust on the floor under the table to collect dripping chemicals table. Use masks to avoid inhaling the fumes of dangerous chemicals. Create a color white lacquer dining table remover to remove the lacquer on the table with denatured alcohol combine with an equal amount of lacquer thinner in a small bucket. Use rubber gloves and then apply the mixture to part two small rectangular table surface with a brush. Wait one minute for the mixture penetrate the lacquer.

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Remove mixture and color white lacquer dining table by rubbing the surface with a piece of no. Steel wool works behind the back and forward movement, following the grain of the wood to have eliminated all traces of varnish on the surface of the part of the table.

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