Comfortable Cork Kitchen Flooring

Posted on Kitchen & Dining Room

Unique properties of is due to its structural makeup is rarely found in other naturally occurring substances. It’s a cellular structure which lets you catch 90 percent of gas or air inside. As a result, it can be compacted to 40 percent of its volume and can recover its initial form. For this reason, it can offer a soft feel and shock absorption when standing at kitchen for hours. For same reason, cork floors can absorb noise and vibration greatly.

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For maintenance cork kitchen flooring, we recommend regularly use a broom and a wet mop because dirt and rough particles can act like sandpaper, thereby damaging finish.

Are cork floors are acceptable for kitchens? Yes, it’s extremely comfortable to walk on a cork floor and its maintenance is easy. Place mats or rugs in area off kitchen counters and appliances to protect cork kitchen flooring traffic, splashing water, falls food, grease and any other element that can cause premature wear of kitchen.