Decorate A Tall Narrow Dresser

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Tall narrow dresser – If you working with a dark wood dresser or a formal white comfortable highboards can add a beautiful accent to all types of rooms. For example, if your room is small, a high cabinet can make it appear larger and helps save space. Numerous drawers in each cabinet height offer plenty of storage space too. It is important that a time to decorate your comfortable height to reduce clutter and draw attention to their decorations minimalist approach is taken.

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Consider painting your hand high tall narrow dresser with a bright color that matches the overall theme of your bedroom. For example, a bright green dresser can create a strong contrast with wooden floors and dark green walls. Experiment with different hardware on your dresser. For a more contemporary feel, use chrome knobs and handles. For a more traditional feel, use wooden knobs and handles.

Choose a central provision of the top of tall narrow dresser. This could be a small collection of antique books with bookends silver or a bouquet of flowers in a glass vase. Decorate the top of the comfortable height with additional elements such as silver vintage, family photos, a music box or a jewelry box. Complete your decorations with a wide silk ribbon or band and put it over the top of the dresser.

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