Decorating Burgundy Leather Sofa

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Burgundy leather sofa is a bold and distinctive piece of furniture that can add elegance to a formal living room or provide a comfortable sanctuary for a large room. Wherever you choose to place the sofa, you want to make sure that the rest of the room complements the piece. The shadow of Burgundy and the size of the sofa provide a splash of color to a space and require surrounding tones complement, rather than clash.

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Decorate the burgundy leather sofa cushions. Choose colors that contrast nicely with the burgundy and dark green, purple and gold. Place a colorful quilt on the sofa back. Choose flattering colors that do not clash with the burgundy sofa. Or put an Afghan on one end of the sofa and two or three cushions on the opposite side of a cozy seating area and attractive end.

Place dark wooden furniture around the burgundy leather sofa. Each side tables, a sofa table behind the sofa and coffee table in front of all help provide a distinctive ambiance. Paint the walls behind the burgundy sofa in a neutral color such as sand or almond. Keep lamps and screens neutral lamps to accentuate the sofa, rather than detracting from it.

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