Decorating Square Picnic Table

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You can decorate square picnic table to any color or design you want with a few tools and a little time. The wooden picnic table provides a versatile canvas for your imagination and will serve you well in the years ahead. Be creative and start your picnic table decoration. Sand the picnic table with an electric sander. New tables may not need sanding too. Remove larger splinters or rough spots that paint can spread gently on the table. Remove dust with damp cloth. Set the table on a canvas or other surfaces for painting.

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Square picnic table, brush the surface you want to decorate with a base coat of primer to seal the wood. This will allow your decoration to continue smoothly and keep the surface of the wood to absorb it. Let dry overnight or as directed by the primer manufacturer.

Square picnic table set your template in place, and tape it down lightly with masking tape. Fill his brush with enamel paint or other variety, friendly and outdoor tap within the areas of its workforce. If not using templates, you can paint stripes or circles or any other design you like on the primed surface. For templates with many colors, you wait and allow drying time between coats. Let the finished decoration dry overnight.

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