Decorative Copper Ceiling Tiles Tips

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Copper Ceiling Tiles – Ceiling tiles created in the mid 19’s as a cheaper alternative to the popular hand-carved plaster ceilings found in European homes. Originally made of tin, decorative ceiling tiles today are available in both plastic and metal varieties.

To create a unique antique look, choose copper ceiling tiles. These will maintain its polished brown look for a time, but eventually will acquire an aqua green patina that aging copper is known for. If you do not want this look, your ceiling tiles treated with a coating that will preserve the brown copper finish.

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For an updated look, choose tin tiles that have a modern design. You can also create your own tin roof construction, to make the roof more personal. Visit a tin ceiling tile dealers and work with a consultant of your design, or experiment with a roofing shingle design tools online. Use different cornices, moldings, finishes and fillers to see which you like best.

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Copper ceiling tiles be environmentally friendly, and select a pressed-steel decorative ceiling tiles, made of 60 percent recycled copper. These plates help the environment and are as attractive as tin tiles. They come with a variety of finishes, including copper, brass, and powder-coated white, similar to cast plaster.

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