Design A 12×12 Granite Tile

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Design A 12×12 Granite Tile – Granite countertops can make a wonderful addition to the appearance and function of any kitchen. While a slab countertop can be the first choice for the appearance, the material cost and installation can put it out of reach for many homeowners.  Locate the inner corners, or curves, on the counter. Determine which direction you want to start laying the granite tile; from a corner it helps eliminate unnecessary cuts in visible areas.

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Place the first 12×12 granite tile in the back corner of the counter. Two courses with a piece of tile border tiles in front and full on the back will give the most balanced arrangement. Place the next granite tile in the back of the bar, which is uniformly the back corner tile until you reach the end of each row. Start the next row by placing a tile just to the front of the first floors.

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Use a wet tile saw to cut the 12×12 granite tile at the end of each performance counter, if necessary. If a separate edge is used, such as wood, chair rail or metal, leave an inch on the edge to match the sides of the counter, as well as the front.

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