Design Of Bean Bag Pillow

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If you want relief from shoulder pain, tired, muscles and neck, no need to go outside and spend a fortune on therapeutic pillows. You may earn a neck pillow curative bean bag pillow in a few simple actions. This is what you should do. Gather your materials. Receive a pair of thick socks and long socks, preferably a pair that is no longer employed. Just be certain they are clean and have no holes. Then receive a bowl of uncooked rice or beans.

Set the first sock on the second sock. Make sure you set the end of the first seam. Set Velcro Close to the opening. Insert the tough side of the Velcro on one side of the Interior of the opening of this sock. Place the in the microwave. Set to heat for a minute or two. Once this is done, shape the bean bag pillow in the rear of the shoulders and then leave from the neck.

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Bean bag pillow, Put the stuffing in the sock. Lift the very first sock inside the cylindrical vessel service. Get a funnel and begin pouring raw rice or dried beans at the sock through the funnel. Hold the middle with one hand and support to prevent the contents from slipping. Fill out the sock with rice or beans until it is about three quarters full.

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