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Davenport sofa – While some use the word “sofa”, “sofa” or “Davenport” interchangeably a Davenport originally meant a sofa designed by the AH Davenport Company. As with many other brands throughout the centuries, the term “Davenport” its way into common speech over a specific period of time generations ago, which is used instead of the term “couch” or “couch”.

In the late 1800s a sofa manufacturing was big business. Several sofa brand became so popular that the company names became household terms such as Chesterfield or Davenport sofa. The large upholstered sofa AH Davenport Company became a signature style by the manufacturer during this time, although it also manufactures other types of furniture. In early 1900, Davenport filed a patent for a sofa bed. When sofa owners started calling their great seats “Davenport”, the term caught on, even if they did not manufacture AH Davenport. The name stuck for several generations, but it is quite rare for a term of 21 century furniture.

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