Difference Laminate Flooring And Vinyl Floating Floor

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Vinyl floating floor – When we are building, we always seek for building materials that are quality and has the best finish. One question that remains is to use laminate or vinyl flooring? What is the best? For there is a difference between them and the vinyl floating floor. In the United States and Europe are used the vinyl flooring and here in Brazil, are used wooden carpets and also laminate.

The laminate flooring is a wood floor covering with melamine laminate that is a product that mimics wood. This floor has a thickness of approximately 7 to 8mm, it has a high resistance and some wood floors have a finish that is anti termite. The application system laminate flooring starts by applying a blanket to improve the acoustics and prevent moisture and then applies the fitting plates. No need to use glue to the finish. It’s a quick installation and the process is done to reduce the noise carpet, but even with the blanket, still makes a bit of noise. This type of flooring can not be applied on other floors such as vinyl floating floor

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Since the vinyl floating floor is an ecological floor and can be manufactured by means of recycled plastics. Its thickness is smaller than the laminated floors is from 0.5 to 2mm. It can be applied on top of another existing floor, without causing damage to the vinyl flooring, but we need even before and do not apply it on the wooden floor. Avoid application in damp places and you need to use glue to attach it to the ground floor. This floor is quieter and does not absorb water which is great because it facilitates cleaning and for those who have pets in the house, this floor is ideal. This type of flooring is anti allergic and resistant to burning cigarettes and matches.

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