Differences Between The Replica Or Original Of Panton Chair

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The Panton chair shows the evolution of materials applied to the design. It is obvious resemblance to the Zigzag chair retrieved; however it is a completely different thanks to the mountable plastic furniture, creating a cleaner, organic design that the predecessor made ​​of wood and characterized by inanimate forms. This is one of the most popular chairs of the Modern Movement, given its affordable price, especially if we talk about the market imitations. This is a design that lives with us, we can find in offices, television dishes, restaurants and so on, making it a versatile chair. That versatility is transferred to your indoor or outdoor use, since being injected plastic is practical for both indoor and open spaces.

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The most obvious difference in morphology rear reinforcements are listed on the back and distorting the elegance and simplicity of the design conceived by Panton. On the other hand, so does the shape of the chair as to the curvatures and angles, and of course its dimensions

While the panton chair made by Vitra is made of polypropylene dyed, the replica is made of molded abs. The lack of flexibility of the polyamide with which copies are made, means that the chair will break more easily, making necessary the rear reinforcements.

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On the other hand, to be simply dipped in paint to the exterior color, if the surface use scratching appears inside white, while the original panton chair has color dye injected in polypropylene with no difference color between the inside and the outside.

Also it should be noted that having an outer dye, copies fade more easily than the original. The difference of the weight material makes copies is normally greater than that of the original weighing 8.32 kg and 5.6 Classic model kg.

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