Dining Room Sideboard Furniture

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A dining room sideboard is a type of furniture that has been in use since 1770. Its traditional role has been as a convenient yet elegant carving meat and serve food to the table instead.

A sideboard containing a large flat surface with storage areas underneath and usually has legs instead of a solid foundation. Dressers options are found in almost any furniture store that offers dining furniture. In traditional dressers, a front serpentine was common, and a straight, curved or D-shaped front face. Less common was the concave front, but all these styles are in antiques and antique reproductions today. Classic style of dining room sideboard are based on ancient Greek and Roman designs, and therefore have ornamental carvings. Transitional and contemporary styles dressers offer a variety of shapes and lines.

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The height of a cupboard normally ranges from 35-45 inches. The width can vary greatly – from just over 3 feet to over 7 feet wide. Mahogany, sometimes combined with maple bird, wood is the most common found in antiques and remains common in reproductions of today. Cherry is also a favorite in traditional styles. In contemporary and transitional styles, oak is often used, as well as mahogany, maple and cherry.

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Hardwoods like these are preferable to a dining room sideboard that must withstand heavy use. All types of finishes are available in dressers produced today, including paint and metallic finishes.

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