Distressed Laminate Flooring Ideas

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Artistic and create a new look for your bedroom with distressed laminate flooring. With options of different woods that come in fine grain, hand scraped and an array of soft or bold finishes, your room can become a masterpiece. Stone, brick, slate or ceramic are also available to raise a routine adjustment. Made without harsh chemicals, laminate flooring makes this beautiful kind of ideal sleeping in a green environment floor.

A rustic look is achieved by using wide wooden distressed laminate flooring as it is called in the UK with a pattern of walnut, oak or pine. Sprinkled with colorful rugs woven cloth or a carpet, give your bedroom a comfortable country feel. Add a stone laminate flooring, natural Rica look to a bedroom that cries old world decor or French country receiving quality and warmth at the same time. If you have an outside entrance to a courtyard from the bedroom, stone floors, slate or brick outer elements causing transient flow mix.

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Distressed laminate flooring does not stain, will not fade or dent and is much less expensive than hardwood or stone. Once available in only a few selections, laminate flooring now comes in almost every aspect of wood, stone or brick that inspires any dormitory style.

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