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Distressed leather sofa – A distressed leather sofa has an antiqued, weathered appearance that adds character and warmth. It offers the comfort and durability of leather distressed but due to the problems surface hides scratches and wear that with time and use. The distressed look is the result of a process which artificially creates a worn and aged appearance. Scratches, cracks and natural aberrations on the surface of the skin improved and considered desirable. Until the leather is used to cover the frame of the sofa, it is crushed, folded, sanding or brushing with a wire brush.

Although a wide range of qualities of leather is used in the manufacture of leather sofas, aniline leather is traditionally used for distressed leather sofas. To make the aniline leather, skin fell into a bucket of dye that permeates the skin. The result is a soft and supple leather with a natural appearance. Aniline leather maintains its color and softness during the process of distress. Low quality skin like leather semi-aniline and pigmented they are usually treated with a protective sealant, but they lack the flexibility of Aniline.

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Because distressed leather is not sealed with a protective, dirt, hairs and dandruff, oils and perspiration stains may seep into the cracks. In addition, leather sofa manufacturers caution against the use of leather cleaners traditional distressed leather. The best way to maintain the beauty of the distressed leather is cleaned daily with a dust cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle in hand to crumbs, hairs and dirt from the seams of the suction. If the ink or oil-based stains drip on the surface, use a piece of absorbent paper to dry until the stain as possible. Then use a professional cleaner made of distressed leather sofa, which neutralizes the dye. If a dog urine on the sofa, use an enzymatic specialty cleaner available at many pet supply stores.

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