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Then produce the turn of their legs. On the rear of the fixed part five; four corners of this piece and the center. And fixed the legs, then turn the piece and proceeds to match the surface. Fill the depressions of the screws on the legs with putty, let dry and sand again to ensure a flawless surface. You can then set the cloth and fixing it on the sides and back, without placing staples or adhesive in the contact surface. And since the cloth, coated mended tapping screwsfirmly, without leaving a gap between them more than 10 centimeters side. Do not forget that the sides will receive constant blowsoff, and need very firmly.

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DIY pool tables – The pool is a pleasant, entertaining and relaxing activity. That’s why here we learn to make our own financial version of a billiard table, in home and with accessible materials, and that means you can enjoy games with friends everywhere. The pool tables are expensive because of their materials processing. The plane is marble and timber planks used often or walnut. But to our home pool table we will use, although durable more expensive materials.

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DIY pool tables, left the largest board on the worktable, firmly. With a jig saw, hollow sectors to create buchacas in semi circles of 7 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm radius for corners. These holes should have a small angular tilt in timber base, but can leave them directly. Contemplating these measures achieved with a mean spacing of 91 cm between the perforations, cuts both rails and adheres triangular rubber band.

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