DIY Restaining Cabinets For Kitchen

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When remodeling a kitchen, it is common to reuse your existing cabinets if they are in good condition. This is generally less expensive and less time than cabinet replacement. Using existing cabinets to present a decision respectful of the environment, and the cabinets are sure to fit in the kitchen space. Once you restaining cabinets, spruce up with a new set of hardware. Remove the sink and countertop appliances countertop stripping and caulking gently lifting from the edge with a metal spatula. Remove the top hammering from the bottom of the counter. Bring cabinets a well ventilated work area.

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Remove the doors and hardware, using a screwdriver. Set the door on a flat surface to work. Place the hardware in a safe place to reconnect to the door when finished. Clean the restaining cabinets and doors, with a cloth and degreaser to remove dirt buildup. Work carefully at any small cracks in the details of the door. Apply a thin liquid cabinets and countertops, using a brush. Allow the diluent to work for 15 to 20 minutes and scrape the paint or solvent.

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Sand the restaining cabinets with grit paper 80 to remove any remaining stain or paint. Fill cracks or dented areas with wood putty, using a spatula. Allow the wood putty to dry. Arena cabinets with sandpaper 120 grit. Pay special attention to areas repaired and sanded wood putty for a smooth finish. Repeat sanding with sandpaper grain 220 until the surface is smooth and ready for staining. Apply the conditioner wood cabinets and doors with a brush. This will help the stain evenly adheres to the cabinets, creating a stronger durable finish. Let the conditioner sit for five to 15 minutes.

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