DIY Sand Blasting Cabinet

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Sand blasting cabinet is a quick way to remove layers of old paint from the surface. For the sandblasting of a wardrobe, a high pressure compressor triggers a thin layer of sand on the surface to strip it of its original coating. Sandblasting equipment can be rented from a center of home improvement. Carefully consider the area where it will work. Sandblasting is a complicated process. It is best to remove the cabinets completely if possible.

Instructions to DIY sand blasting cabinet: set up your workspace. Move furniture outside if possible. If the cabinets cannot be moved, hang 6mm thick plastic sheeting from floor to ceiling. Cover floors and walls with plastic too. Use a mask, gloves and goggles. Wear long sleeves and long pants while working with the team.

Stand 5-6 feet away from the cabinets. Aim the spray nozzle into the cabinets. Move the spray in a movement back and forth. Step closer to the object; closer to the spray begins to remove the paint. Spray through cabinets until all paint is removed.

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The last step to DIY sand blasting cabinet is removing all particles cabinets. Clean the surface of the cabinet with a damp towel to remove fine powder.

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