Diy Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

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Storage ottoman coffee table are multitasking world of furniture, serving not only as footrests and hidden storage, but also as coffee tables, end tables or even makeshift emergency seats. Making your own DIY ottoman with storage lets you customize the size, shape and color of your ottoman, creating a custom piece that integrates seamlessly into the existing design scheme of your room. In addition, construction of storage ottoman is often much less expensive than buying an ottoman off the shelf.

Storage ottoman coffee table, measure and cut four pieces of pine 1 foot by 1 foot. Measure and cut two pieces over 13 inches by 13 inches; neglecting these two pieces. Run a small amount of glue along one edge about 1 inch width smaller boards “Add another one edge of the board 1 foot glued to the edge. Let’s create a form 90 degree “L” with the two boards. Clamp this configuration in place.

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Storage ottoman coffee table, place another piece of new pine gluing and clamping; now you have a “U”. Add the final piece, this time gluing and clamping in two places. Your picture is now square. Throughout each having one side edge of wood under it, mark a dot every 2 inches, about ½ inches from the edge. Drive nails at each mark by touching them lightly with a hammer. Clean any oozing glue with a damp towel. Put your tweezers and let the glue dry for at least 24 hours. Remove the clamps.

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