Guideline To DIY Tufted Headboard

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DIY tufted headboard – Can do at home for a fraction of the cost and provide the same sense of luxury like a headboard sold commercially. Determine measurements of the head. The height of the header is a personal choice, but must be measured from the top of the mattress to your preferred height on the wall.

Create a grid for buttons DIY tufted headboard. Use a tape measure and a carpenter to mark the place where he will be attached to each button pencil. Drill a small hole with a drill ½ inch on each pencil mark. Place the foam to the MDF. Spraying one side of the MDF spray adhesive. Place the foam evenly on top of the MDF and press to secure. Use an electric knife to cut off any excess foam so that the foam is even with the MDF. Spray the adhesive foam and upholstery lay the batting on top, making sure it is tightened to prevent wrinkles.

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Pull the fabric taut at the back of the MDF and staples. Pass a needle with thread tapestry upholstery and push through a pre-drilled hole button. Slide the needle through the button and push back through the button hole in the DIY tufted headboard. Connect mirror hangers to the back of the head with the shorter screws possible so you do not lean out of the wall, according to the DIY Network.

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