Do It Yourself Wooden Door Hangers

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Wooden door hangers – A notice on the door is a piece of information material which often bears the name of a room, or the name of a person working inside a room or office, along with their profession. Examples of door hangers are the state “Utility Closet” or “John Smith -. Private Investigator” While dozens of companies abound where you can order a notice on the door made professionally, there is no reason why you cannot do yourself for a fraction of the price.

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Make wooden door hangers are cut or have cut a piece of plywood about 12 by 10 inches. For a lighter but less durable sign, cut a piece of cardboard to these dimensions. If the use of plywood, drill a small hole in each upper right and left. If you opt for the board, drill holes create those cardboard with scissors. Go outside and put on a pair of rubber gloves and goggles. Paint the piece of plywood or cardboard in a color of your choice.

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Tape stenciled letters to the signal using masking tape. Paint letters on the board using an alternative color spray paint for wooden door hangers. Immediately remove the painter’s tape when finished and allow to dry letters. Cut a piece of string or ribbon 12 inches long. Knot each end of the tape firmly through each hole.

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