Double Pedestal Dining Table Antique

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Double pedestal dining table – Table pedestal, supported by columns or pillars, usually with three or four legs separated at its base. The base of the pedestal, without corner feet and horizontal braces, is a space-saver: seat can fit easily on a desk and can accommodate other people. Table oval, round or rectangular shape and it can be elegant or rustic. There are many options for the feet, in traditional and contemporary styles and different materials. Traditional type legs can be fluted, back or legs of the cabriole curved claws. Columns, usually in the same style as traditional as well as legs, and often they are fluted or changed.

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Footwear, with pillars, which are often reproductions of traditional such as the design double pedestal dining table. Traditional large tables sometimes have a double base. Many options are available in the contemporary style of footwear. Flat, stacked layers or tiers of wooden extension replaces traditional foot in any modern interpretation. Some Amish table has a modern style: simple, through stands of flat foot consists of a circular horizontal beams or angles to create a modern geometric design.

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Contemporary table types also have a foot consists of creating a modern design double pedestal dining table. The pedestal without foot creating a column of a simple tube that narrows above. Materials for footwear wide from, solids and veneer of cherry, mahogany, walnut, oak and maple trees, selection of wood painted in different colors. Contemporary style is also available in metals like chrome and steel.

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