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 Drawer slides for opening and closing the drawers of cabinets with relatively little effort. Most drawer slides are now sliding bearings. When the sliding balls bow or yield, it is necessary to replace them  dresser drawer pulls Remove sliding bearings is a matter of removing the cabinet drawer completely. This gives you access to all screws. Although the drawer slides come in many different styles, the removal process is generally the same.

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Open the drawer and remove the contents inside. Extends outside the drawer so as possible. Seeks release tabs on the side where the drawer is slide rail with cabinet. Press the release tabs on dresser drawer pulls each side of the drawer with your fingers and pull the drawer out of the cabinet. If you have drawers with sliding bearings that have no extension, pull the drawer out and tilts the front of it to the floor. Pull the drawer out as the front leans toward the floor.

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The slide bearings in the drawer run on the hill to the end of the slide cabinet. Remove the two screws dresser drawer pulls that secure each sliding drawer on the side thereof with a Phillips screwdriver. Extensions strip all the way out, if the portion of the cabinet using sliding extensions. This gives you access to the screws. Remove the screws holding the rails to the cabinet with the Phillips screwdriver.

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