Simple Way To Replace Dresser Handles

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Dresser Handles Replacement – Not always profitable to replace your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or furniture. Fortunately, changing dresser handles is a quick and easy upgrade that is much less expensive than replacing the piece of furniture or cabinets. Open the dresser and empty its contents. The dresser handles hardware from the rear screws so they need clear access.

With a Phillips screwdriver, remove one or two screws holding the handle of the dresser in place. Turn the screwdriver left to loosen the screws. Remove old hardware. Place the new hardware screws through the holes in the dresser. Align the new dresser pull with the screw, and use your fingers to begin to tighten the screw on the dresser handles. Tighten the screws completely with a screwdriver by turning the screws clockwise.

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For attention, before buying new dresser handles hardware, eliminating one of the handles you are replacing. Since dresser handles come in a variety of styles and lengths, you want to compare the size of the old handle with which it will substitute. Instead of a screwdriver, you can also use a drill with a Phillips head attachment, but if you choose this method, be careful not to over tighten the screws. Regards author

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