Easy Install Rubber Flooring

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To decorate the floor of your house you have various options can be stone, painted or even rubber. The rubber flooring is easy to install, only glue is needed, it is very economical and very resistant, does not need works and once set can instantly measure, has another advantage it is that you can do yourself for its simplicity. You can use it for basketball courts, nurseries, living rooms, kitchens, offices, nursery sites… If you want to know how to place rubber flooring, rubber or vinyl It’s very easy, all you want is to choose the type of flooring you want, you’ve got colors, wood impact, and tens of thousands of different textures

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The first is done with oil, organic and mineral fillers. It’s flexible, durable, non-toxic and a fantastic insulator of temperature and noise. The vinyl floor coverings are made ​​from PVC. Thus they achieve a plastic, elastic and durable material, but are against it are not good thermal insulation. Finally, the rubber is another very resistant and elastic material. It has a variety of patterns and textures, so it is widely used in children’s rooms.

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