Expandable Dining Table Ideas

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Who has not ever suffered from lack of space in the dining room table when receiving an unexpected visit. When choosing furniture for our homes, we often consider our current needs, but sometimes we are faced with situations that require their adaptability. For this reason some dining tables, called expandable dining table incorporate mechanisms that allow extend the table from a few centimeters to over a meter.

This makes it possible to incorporate diners at the table without it losing its aesthetic and design, thanks to the extension supplements, made ​​with the same materials and design features. The advantages of expandable dining table are undeniable and this feature does not affect all your design and that supplements are not visible from any point on the table. A very important thing to keep in mind when choosing an extendable table aspect is the robustness of these supplements once extended, and adequate integration design expandable dining table.

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Expandable dining table mechanism of high quality completely made ​​of lacquered metal. Available in any medium. Extensible measurement of 70cm, 90cm or 45cm with two extendable possibilities to take one or two extensible. It includes a locking system that allows you to leave the table completely fixed. Scroll wheel on the legs of the goal.

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